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10 Fall European Experimental Festivals You Should Know

Autumn is high season for adventurous music and art festivals like Unsound and CTM. Here are the 10 of the most exciting offerings in Europe.

Summer is ending and that is sad, but the upside is that autumn is the season with the most and best experimental music and art festivals—as well as a few festivals brought you by yours truly, although ours are admittedly less avant-garde. There are so many adventurous events, in fact, that it was hard to limit ourselves to European and Eurasian terrain, so outings like Sustain-Release in upstate New York and Japan’s Labyrinth have been delegated to other articles. The abundance of these sorts of festivals is in no small part thanks to the SHAPE program, which is a platform launched by the experimental festival network ICAS that we explained in detail here. It includes many of our current favorite artists, like Lorenzo Senni and Gabor Lázár, and its constituents will appear at the myriad events ICAS has planned for this fall. We’ll talk about a few of them here—as well as some non-ICAS/SHAPE gatherings—but for a complete list of SHAPE events, visit SHAPE’s website.

Cover photo of Laura Luna by Csatári Gergely via UH Festival Facebook.