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8 Unconvential Ways to Make Music (and Buck Capitalism)

All "how to start making music" guides are the same, so we compiled eight tips to get you started on the path to artistic freedom.

There are thousands of guides that purport to set you on the road to satisfying artistic expression. But all those millions of articles and forum posts are variations on the same theme: you need to buy this and that and gain technical proficiency in x and y. The inescapable visibility and consistency of these step-by-step plans create the perception that they are the only way of getting into music, so impressionable and soft-skinned newcomers end up on the same creative path using similar tools. Following this “correct” method often leads to music that’s proscribed by technological interfaces and exclusionary ideologies. Basically you’re setting yourself up to suck capitalist dick if you follow to those guides, so here’s some strategies for making music that resists the clawing hands of the status quo with minimum expenditure and maximum freedom.

DISCLAIMER: The following methods won’t help if you want to make music that leads to money or a large audience. A lot of people will think music composed with these methods sounds poor, is pretentious or just plain boring (“Where’s the drop?” etc. etc.). Don’t listen to them. They’ve been brainwashed by control mechanisms, and it’s too late. Maybe these tips can reverse their indoctrination. Having said that, there’s never been a better time to be making music that appeals to nobody.

What you’ll need:

  • a somewhat functional computer
  • rudimentary sound editing software (i.e. Audacity, Garage Band, Fruity Loops)
  • a smart phone
  • the Internet

Now go break those chains.

Photo: Installation by Vinyl Terror & Horror