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Nine Artists Under 25 Who’re Already Slaying The Underground

From Novelist to Via App, these young guns represent the next generation of underground electronic music.

The task of listing 10 or more underground producers and DJs under the age of 25 seemed easy enough when we pitched it. After all, artists like Kyle Hall, Anthony Naples, Aurora Halal, Huerco S. and Kobosil sprang to mind as wunderchildren who began to release records and tour in their late teens or early 20s. But now they’ve all breezed past our totally arbitrary cutoff, and we’ve realized that many or most of the rising stars we thought of while writing this article have, too: the Mood Hut and Pender Street Steppers crews; Hodge; the Discwoman mainstays; even Palms Trax is 25 now. And others who may still be 20-24 don’t have their ages listed anywhere we can find, so although we’re pretty sure that Bristol is full of young guns, we can’t confirm it for the purposes of this list of under 25 DJs and producers.