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A Guide to Artists Making Budapest’s Music Scene Special

The rumors are true: Budapest is experiencing a musical renaissance. Here are over 20 musicians contributing to it.

Today EB lands in Budapest for a huge festival that features international stars like Howling, Âme and Nina Kraviz. We also scoured the Hungarian capital for local heroes to support the headliners and found that the city is rife with sonic talent, so we figured the time was ripe to create an overview of its current creative landscape.

There are a few things you’ll notice about this guide to Budapest’s music scene, which includes labels and promoters as well as individual artists. The first is that a lot of our selections played at this year’s UH Fest, an experimental festival that took place in the city a few weeks ago. We learned about a lot of local from going there because UH makes a point of booking a lot of local talent. The second thing you might notice is that many of the artists below have a penchant for lo-fi textures or for minimal, glitchy computer bleep soundscapes, as those seem to be popular styles in the Hungarian capital. We had a lot of trouble narrowing this list down to ten musicians, so we created an eleventh pick that’s a list-within-a-list of artists who we couldn’t choose between and who all deserve a listen.