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Francesco Tristano

Francesco Tristano is a classical and experimental pianist and composer, who also plays the clarinet. His works span both the classical and electronic realms.

Classical pianist and techno producer, Francesco Tristano, works within a broad spectrum, bridging polar opposites in music, and as a result comes away with a rare and untamed aesthetic. As a student at Juliard in New York City, Tristano found an unlikely passion for techno music. He continued to hone his classical skills while experimenting with electronic compositions as well. Finding a familiar energy in the two genres, he started releasing his own work, introducing the piano as a sampler and a synthesizer on his 2008 release Auricle Bio On. Following that, he released Idiosynkrasia in 2010 and re-characterized his sound as “piano 2.0” due to the duality that he now brought to the instrument. With an intense groove and rare electronic textures, Tristano provides a vision of classical and techno combined that the world has rarely heard before.

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Francesco Tristano

Francesco Tristano

Francesco Tristano is one of the few artists to navigate the sideways move into electronic music via classical composition. A trained pianist, he paired up with French label Infiné Music in 2007 to present a record of original piano compositions alongside reworks of Detroit techno standards. Since the release of Not For Piano the boundary-blind musician has become synonymous with merging neo-classical composition and club music—and collaborating with Carl Craig, the Innerzone Orchestra and Moritz von Oswald in the process. This live mix, originally recorded for EB On Air and loaded with unreleased music, demonstrates his eclectic sweep. Like what you hear? Tristano will be playing a dancefloor-geared live set at Get Physical’s party at Berlin’s Stattbad this Saturday.

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