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Marcel Fengler

Marcel Fengler has been a key actor in the Berlin techno scene since the early ‘90s.

Marcel Fengler has been a key actor in the Berlin techno scene since the early ‘90s. Though initially interested in breakbeats and hip-hop culture, the Fürstenwald-born DJ turned his attention towards techno when he began to spend time at E-Werk and Tresor, two of the most influential electronic music clubs in post-Cold War Berlin. Fengler married his dual passions for turntablism and electronic music by throwing parties in his hometown with childhood friend Marcel Dettmann. The two later became the first resident DJs at Berghain in 2005.

Fengler showcased his versatile and deeply dynamic style of DJing on the Berghain dance floor for over 10 years, where he became known for his wildly rhythmic style and his affinity for big-room synths and tough, melodic techno. He released his first EP on the Berghain label, Ostgut Ton, in 2007, which was succeeded by his first full-length, Fokus, in 2013. Fengler’s own music, like his DJing, is often attributed with catchy chords and highly emotional harmonic motifs that often have a more celestial bent.

Since leaving Berghain and Ostgut Ton in 2016, Fengler has continued to release music on his own label, Index Marcel Fengler (IMF). The label is a creative channel that continues to evolve the DJ and producer’s timeless techno approach and represents “a center for new and young talents.” Aside from releasing two of his own EPs, Fengler has also released work from Zenker Brothers, Thomas Hessler and Echoplex. He continues to play frequently on the international stage in tandem with running his eponymous music platform.

Marcel Fengler

Marcel Fengler

Marcel Fengler knows a thing or two about techno, sure, but if you listened to last night’s Electronic Beats On Air on FluxFM, you’d know that there’s a lot more to him than that. Not only does he hold down a residency at Berghain and oversee his own label IMF (a home to his more experimental, off-message output) but his recently Ostgut Ton-released debut Fokus proved that he can translate his formidable production skills into the album format. This Mix of the Day demonstrates how he’s quietly redrawing the parameters of what that tough “Berghain sound” can be: unashamedly ascetic mix of grayscale 4/4 that thrills in its dynamism: effortless shifting between cavernous, dubby expanses, longueurs of ambience, pummelling house and the kind of tunnelistic techno that feels so precise and hard it leaves you reeling. Main photo: Sven Marquardt


1. Marcel Fengler – “Break Trough” – Ostgut Ton
2. Marcel Fengler – “Dejavu” – Ostgut Ton
3. Marcel Fengler – “6 In A Row” – Ostgut Ton
4. Staffan Linzatti – “The Contraption” – Balans Rec
5. Markus Suckut – “Scoria” (DVS1 Remix) – Suckut
6. Developer  – “Drive Themes” – Mote Evolver
7. Marcel Fengler – “The Stampede” – Ostgut Ton
8. Marco Zenker – “Morpho” – Ilian Tape
9. Gingy & Bordello – “All Day” (Robert Hood Remix) – Turbo Rec.
10. Elyas – “Camberwell” – Modularz
11. Amfibian – “PA Relax” (Jark & Prongo Remix) – Touché
12. Marcel Fengler – “Jaz” – Ostgut Ton
13. Marcel Fengler – “Mosaique” – Ostgut Ton
14. Marcel Fengler – “High Falls” – Ostgut Ton

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