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Max Graef

Berlin house producer

Without setting out to capture critical attention, young Berliner Max Graef has done just that with his fresh take on vintage house combined with funk, jazz and hip-hop. Graef began experimenting with production while on a student exchange in London, and both he and his MPC-led tunes found a home at Prenzlauer Berg’s OYE record shop upon return to Berlin. He soon captured the attention of Copenhagen label Tartelet (also home to fellow Berliners Brandt Brauer Frick) and released the rough-around-the-edges Am Fenster EP in 2013. The following year brought about Rivers of the Red Planet, his debut full-length, which began life as an instrumental hip-hop album but eventually settled between the poles of hip-hop and house.

Graef both releases on and heads up the Box Aus Holz label, and he also runs Money $ex Records together with Glenn Astro and Delfonic. In 2015, he debuted his five-piece live jazz project, Max Graef & Friends, at the second edition of XJazz Festival in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

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Max Graef

Max Graef

Max Graef is part of a new wave of Berliners to come up during the city’s uncontested dominance of house and techno. In spite, or perhaps, because of that the young producer takes a defiantly anti-purist approach to music—moving from house, hip-hop bass and, most interestingly, the spaces between. His pluralistic tastes can be detected in his own label—Box Aus Holz is a go-to imprint for those thirsting for the rawer end of house and disco. Excitingly, Graef has been picked up by boutique label Tartelet Records for his debut album, a gem of a platform that prizes originality over the bottom line. Unsurprising then, that Graef uses his Mix of the Day to flex his curatorial muscle; blending the blisteringly current with some interesting back of the crate specials—including that mysterious white label with the DOGE stamp. Get to know, we won’t tell you twice.



The Please – B2 – S-Gravendijkwal EP
Marcellus Pittman – A1 – Do You Like Music EP
Unknown – B2 – DOGE001
Omar S – “Dont Let Dis be HapNin “– Nelson County
De la Soul – “What Yo Life Can Truly Be”
Loosen Up – “Home Cooking” (unreleased version) – DP-003
PG Sounds – A1 – SUE007
Kenny Dixon Jr.– A3 – KDJ private collection 2
Soulphiction – “Help Us To (Find It)”
Kickflip Mike & Reverend G – “Magic Loop” – Forthcoming on Box aus Holz
Martial Solal – “Cheval Qui Rit Venredi…” – Locomotion
Dave Pike – “Peligroso” – Peligroso
Ocho – “Guaguanco En Tropicana” – Ocho II

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