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S. Olbricht

Farbwechsel label founder and delayed-tape techno experimentalist.

S Olbricht, AKA Martin Mikolai, is one of the key players in eastern Europe’s emergent experimental electronic music scene. He founded the Farbwechsel label and is part of two analog synth duos, Silf and Ste Pwri Tmod. His solo output has appeared on labels such as Opal Tapes, Gang of Ducks and the prolific London imprint Lobster Theremin.

S. Olbricht

S Olbricht

S Olbricht is a name that’s been on our radar ever since 2012’s concept piece The Last Act of Dorothy Stratten made us sit up and take notice. A key member of Budapest’s lively music scene (with frequent appearances in Lucia Udvardyova’s Eastern Haze column to prove it), he runs the Farbwechsel label and is part of the analog synth duo Silf. However, it’s his solo output for labels like Opal Tapes that’s attracted the most heat, with the decayed tape techno of Deutsch Amerikanische Tragödie EP being an obvious highlight this year. Unsurprisingly, S Olbricht’s exclusive Mix of the Day is beamed in from deep underground, with strange transmissions from Opal Tapes, Hospital Productions and, of course, Farbwechsel making the cut. Look out for the incredible No Fuck L.K. Mix of “No Lotion” by Basic House, a highlight among many.

Alpár – “Strigiformes”
12z & Carla Under Water – “Man Carrying Woman”
Imre Kiss – “Sweet Cherry Soul”
Asio Otus – “Open Invitation”
M Buckley – “Ttrax4” (Leapoffaith)
S Olbricht – “Fi” (Blcd-a)
Gnork – “Skysurfin” (Nermo Remix)
Basic House – “No Lotion” (No Fuck L.K. Mix)
Fort Madeline –”FMWL001″
Route 8 – “The Void”
Lumigraph – “Small Dose”
Shapednoise – “Alien Transliteration”
Imre Kiss – “Relief”
Saint Leidal The 2nd – “Body Bubble 01”



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