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Bucharest, Romania’s Coolest Places to Hang Out

Looking for a place to eat, drink or dance? We've got you covered with 10 sweet cafes, bars and clubs in the Romanian capital city, Bucharest.


In Bucharest there are a few coffee shops that will turn you into a regular upon your first visit. The first is Origo, which is located in The Old Town between two central Bucharest parks, Izvor and Cismigiu. Since its opening day, Origo set out to offer the best joe in Romania’s capital, and they achieved that feat pretty much immediately. At Origo, the selection and unusual brewing methods offer a new experience as well as a novel variety of flavors. Photo via Bucuresti Optimist.

Seneca AntiCafe

If you’re a bit of an introvert, then you’ll have to try an “anti-coffee house” at Seneca Anticafe, which charges not for individual products but for time spent there. You pay eight lei per hour to savor a large assortment of teas both hot and iced, as well as snacks and fresh fruit. You can also bring your own food or non-alcholic drinks. The hosts will offer whatever you need to work there for hours: free WiFi, a printer, a scanner, wall sockets, chairs and desks. And and if you spend five hours there, every hour after that is free. Photo via Facebook.

The Village Museum

The Village Museum goes back hundreds of years to recreate a rustic, idyllic and traditionally Romanian atmosphere. It’s an open-air space that exhibits fully-built traditional houses and old customs to recreate the look and feel of old Romanian villages. Photo via Facebook.

Entrance Shop

The proprietors of Entrance Shop felt that, in a city of simple indulgences, underground luxury fashion was missing, so they opened a store full of works from niche designers. It’s in the Universul building, one of the most historical cites in Bucharest and the location of its first printing company. With its minimalist decor created by Square One Studio, the boutique is the perfect reflection of what you’ll find inside. Photo via Bucuresti Optimist.

URBN Supply Co.

Here, well-known international brands lie alongside local ones, like PORK and Ioana Ciolacu, a young and promising Romanian designer. There’s also  a coffee shop and a welcoming bar where, if you’re lucky, you’ll happen upon and in-store event. Photo via Bucuresti Optimist.


Switch provides an alternative to the hustle and bustle of the city and aims to reconnect you with your surroundings. It’s an oasis of peace and quiet that offers a variety of cuisines from around the world, including American food, Asian fusion, burgers, tapas and Tex-Mex. Photo via Bucuresti Optimist.

J'ai Bistrot Bucuresti

This is a creative bistro that lures you in with a really relaxing garden out back and a balanced menu. If you opt for lunch there, the vibe could draw you back for dinner. Photo via Bucuresti Optimist.

Acuarela Bistro

If you enjoy the combination of contemporary art with good food and the atmosphere of an “urban vacation,” then you must go to Acuarela. It’s a small bistro that’s readymade for Bucharest’s artistic community as a social hub and a jazz lover’s heaven as well as a welcoming host for theater and various other performances. With a colorful mix of restored furniture, vintage trinkets and recent works of art, Acuarela is a playground transformed into a magical place by a group of artists and friends. It’s also where we’ll host a few events, like a DJ brunch, during the EB Festival in Bucharest. Photo via Bucuresti Optimist.

Bicicleta Bar

As with Acuarela, Bicicleta is a partner venue for this year’s Electronic Beats Festival in Romania. It’s the newest concept bar in Bucharest, and it’s devoted to those for whom the bicycle is more than just a mode of transport, but a part of their personalities. Located in the Old Town, the bar’s design concept started from a simple idea to recycle old bicycle parts to make an unconventional and unique place where the furniture is built by hand from vintage bikes. Photo via Bucuresti Optimist.

Alt Shift

When you go upstairs at this atypical restaurant, you’ll find a bar in a big hall. It’s set up in a minimalist way with exposed brick walls painted in white lime, metal beams on the ceiling and door frames, lamps hanging from cables and solid wood tables. It’s a beautiful and simple place reminiscent of the world capitals of “hip” like Brooklyn and Berlin. If you have dinner there, your night won’t end soon because the ground floor houses the trendiest, coolest and most famous club in Bucharest: Control. Photo via Bucuresti Optimist.

Control Club

Control radically transformed Bucharest’s club scene since it was established in 2008. It’s the first truly alternative club in town, and ever since its opening day—which occurred in a much smaller basement than it’s in now—the owners have been bold enough to take chances on all sorts of events, live gigs and parties with the likes of Swans and Psychic TV. This year it’ll play host to two nights of the Electronic Beats Festival. Photo via Control Club.