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City Guide: Cool Spots To Chill In Poznań, Poland’s DIY Gem

Discover the artists, anarchist book shops, experimental venues and traditional milk bars making Poznań a haven for Poland's DIY culture.

Poznań is an unpredictable place for those seeking underground adventures. Due to its closeness to Berlin—just three hours away by car—the Polish city has absorbed much of the German capital’s club culture. This trend was xxacerbated once cheap return bus tickets between the two cities became a reality, at the expense of the local scene. Thankfully, Poznań’s energy was never totally eradicated, and a demand for more obscure local offerings has remained. Because of this, independent initiatives have been established to  develop an underground that is ready to cast off past resentments and create its own worthy niche. We’ve compiled a guide to some of the most interesting constituents of that movement, from venues to artists and collectives who are fighting for the city to rage harder.