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10 Retro Video Games That Inspired An East German Kid’s LP

Leipzig-based Uncanny Valley affiliate Credit 00 trips down memory lane and tells us about the video games he discovered after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Since I’m a kid from the GDR [German Democratic Republic], I didn’t discover video games until the fall of the Wall in 1989. There was no such thing as “video games” in Soviet-occupied Germany—except one machine, which I’ll introduce later. In the early 1990s, my parents bought me my first computer, a used six-year-old Amstrad/Schneider CPC with a green, monochrome screen that came with a whole bunch of games on floppy disks. Game consoles were very rare among my friends and I back then. I remember when the first kid in school got a Gameboy—that was a huge sensation! Almost the whole class was watching the little screen yelling “Can I be next?!” The following list is based on my memories of childhood video games.