Amon Tobin “Isam” live in Graz

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30 minutes of Amon Tobin’s ‘Isam’ live show at Electronic Beats Springfestival Opening Night in Graz. ”When you do things in a different way, it makes you have to think differently about the way you present it. So ‘ISAM Live’ ended up as a mixture of cinema, live performance and projection art.” (Amon Tobin) Find more live videos at our YouTube channel.

Mouse On Mars new on Monkeytown

November 14, 2011 in Features by EB Team

Over the last decade, Mouse On Mars have become one of the leading names in European electronic music: releasing an inspired blend of IDM, krautrock, disco, and ambient sounds with a heavy dollop of analog synth. Now news has appeared that the duo will be joining the highly remarkable Berlin-based label Monkeytown. Home to the – more

10 x 4 – DJ Marfox

March 27, 2012 in Interviews by EB Team

DJ Marfox is fresh out of Lisbon and has just helped to usher new label, Principe, into the world. With the Photonz as label mates and the backing of local record shop Flur and booking agency Filho Único, Principe is promising big things. From african-inspired percussion workouts to the deepest of house jams, it’s all – more

Angels In America release album for ‘free’

October 19, 2011 in Features by EB Team

Angels in America are something special. Calling to mind the modern sonic evil of groups like Teenage Jesus & The Jerks and Talk Normal, they add a layer of atmospheric heaviness that crawls like thick yellow fog. The latest release from the duo is Narrow Road To The Interior, a blown-out gothic affair packed with – more