Cubic Zirconia bring CHLLNGR to the dancefloor

June 9, 2011 in Features by EB Team

I was already in love with the haunting video for CHLLNGR‘s slo-mo R&B track ‘Ask For’, but this is a whole other level. Cubic Zirconia have tweaked it into a galloping floor-ready number, chopping and pitch-shifting the vocals to bounce along with the beat. If your next party needs some audio-ghosts in the air, I – more

New stuff from M.I.A. 

November 6, 2008 in Features by EB Team

It is pretty hard these days to find some reliable information about M.I.A. and her current projects. Originally she wanted to leave the music business at all: “It was my last ever show. And it still is. I stopped touring after that and I didn’t want to make music again. I was quite happy to – more

Megaupload – dead or alive?

January 20, 2012 in Features by Walter W. Wacht

So Megaupload. You might have already heard about it: in the midst of the international debate about controversial US anti copyright infringement laws SOPA and PIPA, the FBI shut down Megaupload, a file-hosting website and arrested six people, as well as MU’s founder, German-Finnish entrepreneur Kim Schmitz aka Mount Kimbie Kim Dotcom, yesterday. As if – more