Apparat Band live in Prague

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Apparat Band live at the Electronic Beats Festival in Prague.
Watch the band perform their songs “Arcadia”, “Rusty Nails” & “Black Water”.
(“Black Water” is the new Apparat Single on Mute and released on June 20)
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Brenmar readies new EP on Hum & Buzz

September 26, 2011 in Features

EB favorite Brenmar has really taken over this year. The NYC producer will be no stranger to our readers; we just can’t help but talk about each delicious R&B-tinged house track he drops. After his excellent Let Me Know (Tasting) EP on Grizzly, he’s prepping a brand new one for Hum & Buzz. Let’s Pretend – more

The Radio Sessions – Electronic Beats On Air with Lindstrøm on FluxFM

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Two hours of airtime may sound like quite a lot of time, but for an artist such as Hans-Peter Lindstrøm, 120 minutes might just be a warm-up. The Norwegian cosmic disco, prog rock, house, and funk influenced artist will be joining us at The Radio Sessions – Electronic Beats on FluxFM this Thursday, and we’re – more

Horsepower Productions are back

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Whether you know them or not, Horsepower Productions are arguably one of the most important imprints in bass music. They are what you would call true pioneers, along with a few others they led a scene that has seen its influence spread all over the world. It seems unimaginable that pop music efforts by the – more

City Surfer Office launches with a bang

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City Surfer are a force to be reckoned with in the Prague club scene. Established in 2007 as a spontaneous idea of like-minded music-makers, the collective has since expanded and currently encompasses graphic designers, illustrators or fashion designers who collaborate between each other. Music, however, remains at the core of City Surfer. Last year they – more