Lana Del Rey live in Prague

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UPDATE: The competition for CDs is now closed and winners have been announced. Thanks for participating!


You want to know why tickets sold out within hours for our Prague 2013 edition of Electronic Beats Festival? Here’s why. Lana Del Rey was always going to be a big draw, but the combination of her status as a legitimate global star and the relatively intimate Divadlo Archa venue meant the night was always going to be memorable. The performance itself was, as you can see, a showstopper, the crowd the most loyal and enthusiastic we’ve pretty much ever seen (which is saying something). Meanwhile, Lana Del Rey was in excellent form, clearly feeding off the electric energy. Trust us, we were there, three rows back and covered in sweat, beer and the tears of the Lana devotees. Relive “Blue Jeans” ,”Summertime Sadness” and “Video Games” above in 1080p HD, and check out the full review here.

As a bonus we’re giving away two CD copies of the album Born To Die, signed by Lana herself, through Electronic Beats’ Twitter account over the weekend. Follow us @EBnet

You can find more live videos at our YouTube channel. Main photo by Tomas Martinek.


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