Nicolas Jaar live in Budapest

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Here’s something to take the edge off the start of the week—a fifteen minute clip of Nicolas Jaar‘s live set at Electronic Beats Festival, Budapest on September 13. Jaar and his band have had an incredibly busy summer performing at festivals across the world so it’s not surprising how polished these songs sound; both “Time for Us” and “Space Is Only Noise” undulate with a cool, languid intensity that slow-builds into a bit of a wig out at the end. Plus, as expected, plenty of saxophone. We like Nico Jaar even more now—quite a feat.

Arne Weinberg aka Onmutu Mechanicks to put out ‘Nocturne’

July 19, 2010 in Features by EB Team

German/Scottish producer Arne Weinberg will release a new album this fall, entitled Nocturne. The release will come under the moniker of Onmutu Mechanicks, one that he has dabbled in since 2008. Weinberg will put out this full-length on Danish label Echochord, previously describing his alias as,”as a project that’s a playground for trials and experiments.” – more

On-U Sound celebrate 30 years

December 20, 2010 in Features by EB Team

On-U Sound the legendary independent British label headed by Adrian Sherwood is about to celebrate 30 years in the game. Founded back in 1980, the label made it’s name by focusing on heavy dub sounds, with Sherwood often acting as producer. The label was also home to more channeling post-punk acts who’s attitudes chimed with – more

Tearist create mixtape for Actual Pain

March 29, 2012 in Features by Daniel Jones

We love listening to Tearist, and we love wearing Actual Pain. Combine the two and it’s a whole lotta love….soaked in bad vibes, of course. The LA band, infamous for their confrontational live shows and brutal synthpunk sounds, have crafted a fantastic mixtape for the Seattle label. With artwork by Denver’s SHAMS, the mix not – more