Squarepusher live in Gdansk

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LED insanity and broken 8-bit beats — watch Squarepusher’s perform live at Electronic Beats Festival Gdańsk 2012. Find more live and Slices DVD videos at our YouTube channel.

Failotron about chiptune and his new project

August 26, 2011 in Interviews

Failotron’s music embodies the absurdity of minimalistic electronic music, using various video game hardware, lo-fi instruments and unusual effects. Drawing influences from Talk Talk and Grails, Failotron (aka Áron Birtalan) is an expert in sampling abandoned video games, his daunting sounds having been used in both films and installations. The Hungarian chiptune expert took time – more

Audioccult Vol. 29: The Tetramorph

November 7, 2012 in Audioccult

Travel through the apocalyptic soundscapes of EB’s Daniel Jones as he presents a year’s worth of experimental mixtapes that foretell the vicious majesty and angelic noise of the End Times. – more

The Prodigy top dance’s most influential poll

July 12, 2010 in Features

Essex based dance group The Prodigy has been voted the most influential electronic act of all time, in a recent poll put together by UK festival GlobalGathering. The festival put the poll together by asking 2000 partygoers whom they thought, “has shaped the dance genre the most.” The Prodigy have sold over 20 million records, – more