Baba Vanga: Sonic Mysticism

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Baba Vanga: Sonic Mysticism

Baba Vanga, aka Вангелия Гущерова, is a legendary persona of the Communist mystical tradition. Baba Vanga, the sonic proselytizer, will focus primarily on idiosyncratic musicians from Eastern Europe. Inspired by the aforementioned lady, the imprint kickstarts with a release by Střed Světa – center of the world – with an eponymous album, released on January 23rd—an edition of 111 cassettes presenting a psychedelic voyage into out-there techno, layering of samples and non-linear story-telling. Střed Světa is based somewhere between the outer reaches of Prague suburbia and the world, making music as a part of his quotidian activities for more than a decade. A self-professed misanthrope, who doesn’t mind company, delves deeper into the recesses of his aural memory to recontextualize influences ranging from German rave to IDM, but transgressing and subverting any genre-based limitations, utilizing a deliberate “slap-dash” modus operandi.  An expression that is like controlled stream of consciousness, a lysergic trip through deeper recesses of one’s mind, with distant melodies, detours and rythmic delineations.


PS: the website code is drawn from the date of birth and death of the real Baba Vanga.


Eastern Haze: November

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  November embodies melancholia, that’s a given. I continue my homeless, nomadic existence, a wannabe-sailor whose playground isn’t the deep blue sea but chaotic urban mazes. At the moment I’m stationed in Budapest, a city that basks in its golden Austro-Hungarian past with its grand boulevards and derelict inner city townhouses, inviting you to dine – more