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RISING - Jensen Sportag

Sometimes the strangest things can come from the strangest of places, like Nashville. A city of paradoxes, all country music and redneck mentality, but out of the ashes comes a duo who present an attractive style of oddball nu-disco called, Jensen Sportag.

If Von Spar, Lansing Dreiden or Phoenix (United LP era) are your thing, then this will definitely go down well with you. A kind of new wave for the next generation. Take for instance the track "Mapquest", all lo-fi drums, layered with copious amounts of irony, but nonetheless an effortlessly catchy disco/dance tune, that will have you reaching for your red-zipper MJ jacket in no time.

Their title track "Pure Wet" is a sleazy disco number, edit vocals, really smart production, the likes which we haven’t heard for a while.

Jensen Sportag – Pure Wet by CASCINE

Named after a Danish tennis player, this duo made up of two gentleman Austin and Elvis sure do know how to take the piss, check out the cover of the first EP Sergio:


But they also know how to compose a killer track, like "Jareaux", the video below, a super fun dance tune, one that could have Prince, Toto or even Level 42 screaming copyright. But it’s a killer summer tune, 80s bass lines mixed with soft mellow vocals. Scritti Politti eat your heart out.

Jensen Sportag – Jareaux from Jensen Sportag on Vimeo.

Jensen Sportag have remixed Au Revoir Simone, Silver Columns and Max Tundra and are set for more than just anonymity over 2011. Who cares if they reference the 80s heavily, they bring it and that’s all we ask.

They have only released one 12" called Pure Wet at least officially anyway, it came out yesterday on Cascine records.

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