DJ Bootsie

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No, not as in “Collins“. Todays’ “Humdrum” mix comes from DJ Bootsie, a formative power and active performer in the Hungarian hip-hop scene. Bootsie isn’t only a DJ, however; he’s also been commissioned to score various film and theater projects, the most famous being a rescoring of two essential movements from the Hungarian opera Laszlo Hunyadi. His hip-hop group DJ Bootsie Quartet has toured as a trio, but also with a 12-piece orchestra. We can promise such epic movements in this mix, but we think you should listen to it anyway. ~

Aérea Negrot talks to Billie Ray Martin

January 2, 2012 in Conversations by EB Team

Divas have a special place in electronic music. Historically connected to house, vocalists often add soul-tinged sexuality a spirit of liberation to all things four-to-the-floor. Venezuelan-born musician and singer Aérea Negrot of Hercules and Love Affair continues on in that tradition while venturing into decidedly new territory. Here, Negrot talks to one of the rave – more

Kiki’s echo

February 19, 2009 in Features by EB Team

After first album “Run With Me” in 2004 and several 12 inches, Joakim Ijäs aka Kiki will finally releasd another album. It’s called “Kaiku”, which is Finnish and means “echo”. The name reflects the process of producing an album: “When I worked on the album there were situations when I had a very clear picture – more

Kingdom’s ‘Take Me’ gets taken over by Nacey

August 18, 2011 in Features by EB Team

We’re big fans of Kingdom and his Fade To Mind label, which should be quite obvious by now. Whenever the LA-via-NYC producer drops a new cut, we’re scrambling on it like beat-hungry beasts. His latest release on Fools Gold was the beautiful single ‘Take Me’, featuring vocals from Naomi Allen of the R&B group Electrik – more

Study shows music can benefit hearing

August 24, 2009 in Features by EB Team

Getting older can be hard. Especially when you start losing your hearing. Thankfully, new scientific evidence published in the Ear and Hearing Journal indicates that musical training may benefit adults whose hearing has deteriorated. Neuroscientist Nina Kraus of Northwestern University, who co-authored the paper published this month, revealed that musicians can pick out relevant speech – more