Max Dax

Last week we featured Max Dax on our weekly Radio Sessions show, where he spoke to host Mathias Weck about, among other thing, the smashing new issue of Electronic Beats Magazine. Have you picked it up yet? We can firmly say without bias that it’s the best thing ever, so go check it out while you stream his hour-long mix, a selection of varied and favored cuts that include Cooly G, Frank Ocean, and CAN. 



01. Moritz von Oswald – Jam

02. Ricardo Villalobos -  Put Your Lips Featuring Andrew Gillings

03. Greie Gut Fraktion – Wir Bauen Eine Neue Stadt

04. Adrian Sherwood – U.R.Sound

05. The Field – It´s Up There

06. Frank Ocean – Super Rich Kids

07. Cooly G – What Airtime

08. CAN – Bubble Rap

09. F.S.K. – Äpfel, Birnen

10 x 4 – Herb Piper

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