Kathy Diamond back with a new album

November 2, 2010 in Features by EB Team

A few years back Kathy Diamond released her debut album on Permanent Vacation, Miss Diamond To You which was produced by Maurice Fulton and arrived to mass critical acclaim. In fact it featured one of the best house/disco crossover club tracks ever produced (in our opinion) ‘All Woman’. Now, the diamond lady is back with – more

The Ten Best Depeche Mode Videos

February 25, 2013 in Lists by EB Team
Top 10 Depeche Mode Videos

Historically, Depeche Mode have never come up short when it comes to music videos. From their iconic collaborations with Anton Corbijn, to their more recent, experimental affairs, we draw up a list of our favorites. – more

Bionic Commando gets reworked

May 22, 2009 in Features by EB Team

It seems the gaming industry is hellbent on revitalizing old classics, and now it’s Bionic Commando‘s turn. In order to celebrate the reemergence of this 1987 eight-bit hit, some underground heavyweights have taken it upon themselves to give the game a decent music makeover. Dubstep warrior Rusko, Institubes main man Surkin (a massive fan of – more