The Orb

You’ve already listened to our EB Radio Session with legendary electronic genre-benders The Orb and (we hope) were suitably delightedNow the duo of Thomas Fehlmann and Dr. Alex Paterson have turned in a mix that combines the ambient dub grooves of their own work (as well as their work with Lee “Scratch” Perry) with some choice selections from favored artists like Röyksopp and Teebs. Check the tracklist below, and get listening.

1 Siriusmo – 123
2 The Orb – Part 2 V2
3 The Orb – Soulman (Pole Remix)
4 The Orb – Throbbing Interlude
5 The Orb – Golden Clouds (Oicho Remix)
6 DJ Koze – Scene da la vie
7 Röyksopp – Electric Counterpoint
8 Teebs – Cook & Clean
9 The Orb – Because/Before
10 Teebs – While You Do
11 The Orb – Police & Thief
12 Jonti – Red On Green
13 Sweatson Klank – Little Time to Fly
14 Teebs & Jackhigh – Untitled
15 Moody Boyz – Broken Robot

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