Tim Exile

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Today’s mix is a classic from the EB vaults by Warp and Planet Mu affiliated producer Tim Exile. Something of a polymath—he also writes music software—Tim’s recently been making waves (no pun intended) as one fifth of the Native Instruments-curated supergroup Mostly Robot. Indeed, you may have caught the collaborative live project at EB Festival Budapest last summer (if not, no biggie, you can watch the video here). This mix from 2008 conjures up a vivid world that’s at once medieval and futuristic. With gothic sounds and coded lyrics that create shadowy illusions, he has always used an intimidating amount of machinery and layers upon layers of programmed algorithms to manipulate his songs onto a new and exciting plane. This is him at his finest—enjoy!

Electronic music going worldwide

November 1, 2007 in Features by EB Team

Electronic music is often perceived as a truly global phenomenon. Sure enough, digital beats transcend borders and cultures; DJs jet set around the globe, their audience is as diverse as it is international. And with all the newest tunes being accessible online, everyone can participate. So if you are interested, it’s hard to see a – more

Traxx keeps the faith

August 18, 2009 in Features by EB Team

Melvin Oliphant III is the outspoken DJ, producer and boundary pusher who goes by the musical moniker TRAXX. With a list of collaborations stretching into the hazy distance, he has produced and released music with some of the world’s foremost underground artists, such as James T Cotton and Legowelt, under a clutch of different aliases. – more