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Anika is the charismatic vocalist who formerly worked as a political journalist before becoming a musician and working with the likes of Portishead’s Geoff Barrow. The British-born, Stones Throw-signed chanteuse—who has one album and two EPs under her belt, evoking a dubbed-out Nico for the post-rave generation—is also a resident of our fair city of Berlin, and has joined the ranks of Berlin Community Radio as a DJ every second and last Tuesday of the month at 10pm CET. During her Do Not Go Gentle show, you can expect to hear two hours of dub, hip-hop, minimal (wave), and other weird sounds from now and then; sample her tasty Mix of the Day, the “Extra Cheese Bürger Mix (Dubbed down)”, for some of the flavor. Find the tracklist below.

Intro: Black Diamond and Blueberry Blunt “LSD, Snowflakes, & Diamonds” with Dylan Thomas “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night”

Track 01: Ikonika – “Mise en Place”
Track 02: Peverelist – “Erstwhile Rhythm”
Track 03: Gatekeeper – “Atmosphere Processor”
Track 04: Mala – “Changes”
Track 05: Ras Michael and the sons of Negus – “Truths and Rights (Dub Version)”
Track 06: Anika – “Bloodhound (Dub)”
Track 07: Quasimoto – “Planned Attack”
Track 08: Vex Ruffin – “No Escape”
Track 09: Dobie – “Prozac”
Track 10: Dimlite – “Runindicator”
Track 11: Cooly G – “Trouble”
Track 12: Inga Copeland – “A World in Danger iii”
Track 13: Circuit Diagram – “Iklig (Pudelprodukte 20)”
Outro: Scott Walker – “Tar”

Original photo of Anika by Anastasia Filipovna and illustrations by Felicity Greenfields. 


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