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Today’s Mix of the Day comes courtesy of Berlin’s very own Ben Mono. Originally from Munich, but now very much part of the Berlin scene—he runs his own UK bass night once a month—he’s released productions on a diverse range of labels including (deep breath): Ed Banger, Boys Noize Records, Stil Vor Talent, Gomma, Compost, Exploited, Permanent Vacation and Top Billin. Oh, and he recently had a request from Strictly Rhythm. He’s a very busy guy. That’s why we’re glad he found the time to make us this exclusive mix of bumping, bass-heavy house music. Enjoy.

1. Ali Love Feat. Kali – Emperor (Waze & Odyssey Remix)
2. Harry Wolfman – Booty Call (Ben Pearce Remix)
3. Otik – Tremble
4. Llorca – If I Told You
5. Dusky – Nobody Else
6. Villa – Mint (Softwar Remix)
7. Bodhi – Deliquesce
8. XXXY – Thinkin Bout
9. Divvorce feat. Hound Scales – E2
10. Inner City – Pennies From Heaven (Reese Dream A Lot Mix)
11. Mr Kavalicious – Just A Part Of You
12. Copy Paste Soul – Let It Go
13. Fulbert – First Time House
14. Bicep – Rise
15. Wolf Cub – Love High

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