Bestial Mouths

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After last week’s much-lauded Radio Session with Bestial Mouths, we’re pleased to present their radio mix. Comprised of tracks that echo their post-punk and industrial influences as well as cross-bred blackened techno, it’s an esoteric journey through sounds contemporary and classic. After their recent Euro tour with  Animal Bodiesthey’ve infected many a mind and body with their brutalist rhythms—they’ve certainly infected us, and baby, we never want to be cured.


Jewels of the Nile – Kiss of Fire

Bourbonese Qualk – Lies

Anne Clark – Our Darkness (Original Extended Mix)

Untold – Overdrive

Grenier – Vendetta


Joy O & Boddika – Mercy

Kangding Ray – Thar

Tommy Four Seven – Ratu (Perc Remix)

Randomer – Nar

L-Vis 1990 – Girl Clap

Photek – UFO (Addison Groove’s Almost Headhunter Remix)

GoldFFinch – Red Mask

Goth Trad – Mach

Migrant – Monolith

Wen vs. Epoch – Hydraulics

∆AIMON – Evil Eye (WMX Remix)

Oyaarss – Malduguns


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