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What greater testament to a band’s vast and varied back catalogue than the simple fact that it can be mined for not just one Mix of the Day treatment, but two—and that those two can be completely different. It was back in February that we ran our first Depeche Mode-dedicated Mix of the Day. Back then, Grizzly did the honours, assembling a mix of classics and obscure cuts into an excellent DM primer. The worked so well that we wanted to tease the format a little further, this time calling upon Daniel Myer to explore the weird world of remixes and live takes.

1. “Question Of Lust” (Livestepper)
2. “Black Celebration” (Black Tulip Mix)
3. “Waiting For The Night” (Magnetic Field Remix)
4. “In Your Room” (Live)
5. “In Chains” (Alan Wilder Remix)
6. “The Darkest” Star (Monolake Remix)
7. “Stripped” (Highland Mix)
8. “Sacred” (Kernfusion)
9. “Behind The Wheel” (DJ Bong 15Mix)
10. “Get The Balance Right” (12″ Mix)
11. “Never Let Me Down Again” (Split Mix)
12. “Lie To Me” (2006 Remastered)
13. “Leave In Silence” (Claro Intelecto Remix)
14. “In Chains” (Myer Dubmix)

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