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As always, Friday’s Mix of the Day comes fresh from Thursday evening’s Electronic Beats On Air radio session. If you were tuned to FluxFM last night at right around 11 p.m you would have heard this mix, the handiwork of Egokind aka Jan Hammele. The 22 year old has been busy making a name for himself in Berlin, playing to large crowds at some of the city’s most established clubs with his richly textured, boundary-free brand of techno. This mix explains exactly why people are marking him out as one to watch. Get to know.

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Electronic Beats in Amsterdam – Everybody in the Place

January 25, 2006 in Features by EB Team

Next Leroy bounces onto the stage all dressed in black, looking like a dreadlocked stealth Samurai and roars “Fucking yeeeaaaaahh!” This is The Prodigy after all, the band who recently celebrated 15 years of screaming and spitting from the cutting edge of dance music, so they‘re not likely to come on and say a mild-mannered – more

Free tracks from Dust Science

October 20, 2009 in Features by EB Team

Dust Science are making a questionable business decision, celebrating their re-launch by giving the digital files of their new EP away for free. In the North EP features a slice of classic sheffield bleep from UK techno stalwarts The Black Dog as well as new cuts from Grievous Angel and The Bass Soldier, with the – more

DVA to play SXSW

February 24, 2012 in Features by EB Team

DVA (“Two”) is a peculiar phenomenon on the Czech music scene. Based in the provincial city Pardubice away from the music industry hobnobing of Prague (if there is such a thing), the unassuming duo has created waves both in the local music scene and abroad. With several albums proper under their belt – most notably – more