Henrik Schwarz

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Today producer Henrik Schwarz hits us with his deep mix taken from last week’s EB Radio Session on FluxFM. The southern German DJ offers up an emotional set that will blow your mind. The acclaimed producer has released music for his own Innervisions label and on imprints such as Sunday Music, Moodmusic, Zeppelin Recordings, Diamond & Pearls and Mule Musiq. Now sit back and feel the Saturday vibes.

D. Strauss interviews Dillon

April 25, 2012 in Interviews by EB Team

I’m just speaking my memories out loud, and that’s all I am doing. Very often I have fragments of lyrics or two word lines in my head and I don’t write them down. I just let them swim around and see if they sink or come together to form a whole. – more

Discover a secret island

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Much more than a beach bash: at secret island, political ideas meet party spirit It is a modern nomad’s fantasy: gather on a remote island with like-minded people, discuss your political ideals and find new angles to some of the modern world’s issues, all the while founding your own nation, in which your common rules – more

Free Foals remix of The Field

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Kompakt are giving away a free download of The Field track “The More That I Do”, as remixed by The Foals. Taking things in an unexpectedly techno direction, The Foals have clearly picked up some Germanic influences in Oxford, in between playing propulsive live shows and crafting clap-along pop songs with sinister math-rock elements. The – more