Niconé & Sascha Braemer

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Niconé & Sascha Braemer are two renegades from the Bar 25 collective—the infamous afterhours spot that leant to on the banks of the Spree which, since its closure in 2010, has accumulated a kind of quasi-mythical status. Their collaboration first won attention with “Nur Mal Kurz”, an elastic piece of debauched house music that paid tribute to the club in its final days. It was followed by “Ghost Hand” and their debut LP Romantic Thrills on SVT, further proving that when it comes to distilling the almost melancholic essence of the Club 35′s daunting sessions nobody does it like these guys. No tracklist this time as its chock full with secret goodies.

Swimming inside Caribou’s head

May 19, 2010 in Features by EB Team

Dan Snaith aka Caribou could point his finger to any newspaper this year, spot a review of his new album Swim, and be assured that it would contain glowing praises. Judging by Snaith’s down to earth nature, I doubt very much whether this would affect him at all. Snaith has the ability to not only – more

RISING – Jensen Sportag

February 16, 2011 in Features by EB Team

Sometimes the strangest things can come from the strangest of places, like Nashville. A city of paradoxes, all country music and redneck mentality, but out of the ashes comes a duo who present an attractive style of oddball nu-disco called, Jensen Sportag. If Von Spar, Lansing Dreiden or Phoenix (United LP era) are your thing, – more

Exhibition No.10 @ Tape Modern

June 17, 2009 in Features by EB Team

On Friday June 19, a group of fifteen artists are coming together at the Tape Modern to exhibit their best pieces. One of the most whimsically utilitarian ones is by German artist Matze Görig, who is showing his “Superhammer” series. Here, we highlight three of his pieces: The “Flexible Fun”, the “Cubic-Oriental Art Hammer” and the “Suicide Hammer”. – more