Oskar Offermann

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Today’s mix comes from Oskar Offermann, producer and owner of the Berlin-based White Label. His debut Do Pilots Still Dream Of Flying? was recently released; when you’re done with the mix you can watch the video for the title track below.


Creepy Teepee: DIY Weirdness

July 6, 2012 in 2012 by Lucia Udvardyova

‘Festival’ is a word with wide-ranging semantic connotations, be they flower-power gatherings as a form of communal political stance, gigantic commercially-driven happenings for complacent youth, or snobby boutique events for yuppie parents. Creepy Teepee falls into none of these categories: it exists solely to share music. Established in 2009, Creepy Teepee was born when Prague-based – more

Peter Kruder – Afraid of Success

June 9, 2010 in Features by EB Team

It’s truly sad to see one of your musical champions up, close and personal look so worn out. When I sit down with Peter Kruder, I’m quite shocked with what I see; Kruder is a partially greying, haggard middle aged-man. He chain-smokes, looks anxious and seems genuinely tired. I can’t really blame him, after years – more