Souki & Windish

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What did you get up to last night? Were you locked into FluxFM for our weekly Electronic Beats On Air show? We sincerely hope you were, because German deep house outfit and esteemable DJs Souki & Windish were in the studio, furnishing listeners with an hour-long mix which traverses the Berlin/Hamburg deep house axis, and beyond. However, if you did miss it—or perhaps just fancy listening again—we have it right here in all its slow burning, quietly intense glory. Unfortunately, there’s no tracklist this time.

Souki & Windish’s debut LP A Forest is out now through URSL.

The Radio Sessions: Dapayk on Motor FM tonight

September 23, 2010 in Radio by EB Team

Dapayk will be our live guest on Motor FM tonight – Thursday, September 16th – for The Radio Sessions – Electronic Beats On Air. Dapayk aka Niklas Worgt’s career began in the mid-’90s in the fledgling German drum ‘n’ bass and breakbeat scene, since then he has worked under a variety of aliases including Dapayk – more

Alexandra Droener on Gonjasufi’s MU.ZZ.LE

February 22, 2012 in Reviews by EB Team

If I had to describe Gonjasufi’s output over the last year in a single phrase—his music, appearance, quotes and so on—I would probably go for “under the influence”. And I’m not just refering to drugs but also to his mishmash of spiritual ideas and musical styles. From what I understand the guy is an ex-user, – more

Western Tink is Hard To Keel

June 1, 2011 in Features by EB Team

I first heard the name Western Tink in February, after a track called ‘Hittin Corners’ began circulating the blogs. What made this track stand out so much was that it was produced by Chris Greenspan, better known in witchy circles as oOoOO. Now Tink has dropped a new mixtape, Hard To Keel Vol. 1. As – more