Pantha Du Prince

Experimental Techno meets Detroit House: Driving and euphoric in its expression, this mix perfectly sums up the Pantha Du Prince Sound. Where he’s at, where he is from and where he is going on his aural adventures. A new world to discover, as eclectic as it is danceable. We defy you not to be seduced… (Mix for Electronic Beats Radio, 2008-02)

Juan MacLean kicks around

February 23, 2010 in Features by EB Team

New Yorker Juan MacLean is set to test his mixing skills with !K7’s long-running compilation series DJ-Kicks. The electronic musician, who is best known for his pulsating live shows, occasionally steps away from his synthesizer and tambourine and enjoys the vibe from just playing records. Having DJ’ed on the side for several years, this seventy-two – more

Deathbomb Arc celebrates 10 years

February 15, 2012 in Features by Daniel Jones

It’s hard to believe that Deathbomb Arc has been around for ten years now. The Los Angeles label, founded by Foot Village‘s Brian Miller, has plowed steadily forward since 1998 with a DIY attitude and a passion for weird and exciting new music. There is no ‘typical’ DBA release; here you’ll find everything from noise – more

Wavves wants to meet Dave Grohl

August 29, 2011 in Features by EB Team

Wavves are undeniably fun. There’s just something timeless about their summer-centric jams that ensures no matter what time of the year you listen to them, it’ll be July in your ears. The San Diego-based musicians, led by occasional fuckup/lovable scamp Nathan Williams, have turned down the lo-fi filters on their latest single ‘I Wanna Meet – more