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Suol is a Berlin-based independent record label founded by Chopstick & Johnjon aka Chi-Thien Nguyen and John Muder, a production and DJ duo who first teamed up in 2002. The label specializes in organic, deep and fruity house music, nurturing and supporting artists such as Fritz Kalkbrenner, Till von Sein, Trickski, Fritz Zander, Sven von Thülen and Daniel Bortz. This mix, put together for the EB Radio Sessions on FluxFM, features Chopstick & Johnjon delving into the Suol catalogue for an exclusive showcase.

RxGibbs releases Futures EP on Cascine

February 1, 2012 in Features by EB Team

If you find yourself missing the days of carefree dance music in the warm sun, RxGibbs might just be the perfect solution. Young Michigan producer Ron Gibbs is the latest signing from Cascine, home to other optimistic young faces like Pandr Eyez, Chad Valley and Jensen Sportag. Stream and download the lush title track from – more

Tri Angle signs Evian Christ, offers free mixtape

February 2, 2012 in Features by EB Team

If you’ve been following the mysterious hip-hop refixes of Youtube user Evian Christ, then the news of his addition to the Tri Angle roster is probably making you punch the air so hard that your feet are listing off the ground. The UK producer, recently revealed to be 22-year old Joshua Leary, drizzles syrupy electronics – more