EB Listening: Robert Hood – Motor: Nighttime World 3

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Fans of Detroit electronics should need no introduction to Robert Hood. As one of the pioneers of minimal techno, he’s one of those musicians who never drop off our radar. Now, with the imminent release of volume three of his legendary Nighttime World series that he began in 1995, techheads everywhere are salivating in anticipation. Inspired by the 2010 documentary Requiem For Detroit?, Nighttime World 3 is a musical journey through the sounds and soul of the once-proud, long-suffering metropolis. We’re thrilled to bring you the exclusive world premiere of Hood’s latest opus. Join us: get sucked into his world.


Nighttime World 3 is out September 17th on Music Man Records. More information is available here.

EB Listening: Tanka – Boogie With Me

August 31, 2012 in EB Listening
tanka_boogie with me

Tanka is 19 year-old Francis Leigh, and he wants to boogie with you. Take a listen to the exclusive full stream of his upcoming EP, set to drop September 17th on Belgian label Inhale, and we think you’ll be down.

EB Listening: Xhin’s The Realm EP streaming in full

February 24, 2012 in EB Listening

Here is Token Records‘ 5th anniversary release, an EP full of Sheffield-bass and glassy soundscapes made by acclaimed Singaporean beat-master Xhin (pronounced as “sheen”). Some month ago, during his album launch party at Berghain, he drove us all crazy with a massive set. Now, just some months later the maniac is ready to drop his – more