Bam Spacey

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We can’t keep this exclusive remix out of rotation. Swedish artist, Bam Spacey has a gem on his hands with this one-hour-plus mix. Techno and electronic elements are flawlessly mixed together to create a mysterious, almost extraterrestrial sound that we are simply amazed by. The mesmerizing tunes give off a sensual feel to the entire record. This is wavy music at its waviest. Enjoy.

EB Premiere: We Have Band – Tired Of Running

June 12, 2012 in Features by EB Team

We Have Band and their bouncy, angular tunes have been on our radar since their 2008 debut single ‘Oh!’, and their music videos have always been second to none (including the excellent treatment by UK wünderkind David Wilson). ‘Tired Of Running’ is an equally-enchanting slice of electro-pop off their latest album Ternion, and comes courtesy – more

Moodymann is back with Ol’ Dirty Vinyl

May 11, 2010 in Features by EB Team

Moodymann aka Moody aka Kenny Dixon Jr. is back with another mini album called Ol’ Dirty Vinyl, and boy is that Freaki MF back! This mini album is a five track 12” which starts with ‘Ol’ Dirty Vinyl (U Used to Know)’ – a classic Moody cut, a vocal, luscious and soulful house stomper. Next – more

The never-ending music mash up

December 19, 2007 in Features by EB Team

History has a funny way of repeating itself. Humorous, ironic, unpredictable and challenging. You can always find yourself bitten by it at the strangest times. Even when you don’t think pop culture surrounds you, it encompasses nearly every part of your life, recycling itself constantly. Fashion is continually reinterpreted and rehashed, and so the glory – more

We Could Be Heroes: Trickski on Freddie Mercury

October 19, 2007 in Features by EB Team

DJ tag team Yannick Labbe and Daniel Becker aka Trickski have been lighting up dance floors across Berlin, London and pretty much anywhere else you care to mention in Europe over the last 10 years. The hectic house lovers have also had a number of well recieved releases over this time, with their 12 inches – more