Mix of the Day: Adrian Sherwood

Dub innovator and true-blue guardian of the faith, Adrian Sherwood has been an active force within music’s inner and out reaches since the 70s. Sure, he boasts a string of production credits for big guns like Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails but he’s done it without deviating from his vision. 2012 marked the 31st birthday of his resolutely underground label On-U Sound; an anniversary he celebrated by releasing one of his most fully realised albums of his career, Survival & Resistance.

Likewise, this dubwise, sub-heavy Electronic Beats Radio Session illustrates his unwillingness to compromise. Expect your teeth to rattle and your chest to shake.

Hey, let’s get lost – new label from Mule Musiq

January 29, 2010 in Features

Let’s Get Lost is a budding new label from our Japanese friends Mule Musiq, which plans to mine the seam of more obscure old school sounds The debut release of this new imprint will be Let’s Get Lost Volume 1 headed up by Japan’s most popular disco digging maestro KZA. Having recently released Dig and – more

Music meets technology, part 2

May 16, 2008 in Features

Detroit is where it all started: techno music was born here late in the last century, fueled by artists’ creativity and technological advances. This week, technology envaded the scene of music again when a Honda robot led the Detriot Symphonic Orchestra in a performance. The 98 musicians played the song “Impossible Dream”- surely not chosen – more

Rhizome keeps it online

August 15, 2011 in Features

When I need to know about groundbreaking new art that recontexualizes how we think, speak and view the world, I go to Rhizome. Their interviews are always fascinating, their examination of intention and future ideology always on-point. They’ve recently published a paper called Sustainable Preservation Practices and the Rhizome ArtBase, which deals with their efforts – more

ASAP Rocky’s ‘Wassup’ video just dropped

January 23, 2012 in Features

ASAP Rocky is slowly rising to godhood in the hip-hop scene, but his latest video for ‘Wassup’ is devilishly good. Black magick, black clothes and the trillest beats in the game are the key visuals here, ghetto gothic deliciousness that speaks straight to our souls (or would, if we still had any!) That’s all you – more