Mix of the Day: DJ Bootsie

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No, not as in “Collins“. Todays’ “Humdrum” mix comes from DJ Bootsie, a formative power and active performer in the Hungarian hip-hop scene. Bootsie isn’t only a DJ, however; he’s also been commissioned to score various film and theater projects, the most famous being a rescoring of two essential movements from the Hungarian opera Laszlo Hunyadi. His hip-hop group DJ Bootsie Quartet has toured as a trio, but also with a 12-piece orchestra. We can promise such epic movements in this mix, but we think you should listen to it anyway. ~

People Staring at Computers

July 6, 2011 in Features by EB Team

Let’s face it: we’ve become an ADD culture that stares at a screen all day. That’s just how it goes. But what do other people see when they see us gazing at our facebooks, twitters and tumblrs? Artist Kyle McDonald wondered the same thing, and so he installed software on the computers in an Apple – more

Exclusive Ogris Debris Set for Electroinc Beats Radio

April 10, 2011 in Features by EB Team

Ogris Debris are two ruffians from Austria, who are actually called Gregor Ladenhauf and Daniel Kohlmeigner. They are very active when it comes to releasing tracks on different labels and have, for example, already produced for Compost Black Label, Estrela, Rotary Cocktails, of course on Jamal Hachem’s Affine Records and even a Haydn reinterpretation for – more