DAMN GURL, where’d ya find this: Promo Homo Mix Series Vol. 1

February 1, 2012 in Features

You ever feel like your reality isn’t as real as it could/should be? Slap this one in your hear-holes, honey, because this is as real as it gets. DAMN GURL is Denver’s monthly queer collective party, and Promo Homo Mix Series Vol. 1 (curated by DG DJ Luis G, aka WERQ) pops with ballroom bliss – more

Slices Audio Collection Vol. 01

February 23, 2009 in Features

Our quarterly DVD magazine Slices just launched a new limited-edition CD series called “Slices Audio Collection”, which contains ten cutting-edge songs cherry-picked by the knowledgeable Slices editorial staff. Need proof of their exquisite taste? Check the tracklist below: 01. Kollektiv Turmstrasse “Lüchtoorn“ (Connaisseur Recordings) 02. Seth Troxler “Aphrika“ (Wolf Lamb) 03. dOP “I`m Just A – more