Mix of the Day: Tim Exile

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Today’s mix is a classic from the EB vaults by Warp and Planet Mu affiliated producer Tim Exile. Something of a polymath—he also writes music software—Tim’s recently been making waves (no pun intended) as one fifth of the Native Instruments-curated supergroup Mostly Robot. Indeed, you may have caught the collaborative live project at EB Festival Budapest last summer (if not, no biggie, you can watch the video here). This mix from 2008 conjures up a vivid world that’s at once medieval and futuristic. With gothic sounds and coded lyrics that create shadowy illusions, he has always used an intimidating amount of machinery and layers upon layers of programmed algorithms to manipulate his songs onto a new and exciting plane. This is him at his finest—enjoy!

RISING – Jensen Sportag

February 16, 2011 in Features

Sometimes the strangest things can come from the strangest of places, like Nashville. A city of paradoxes, all country music and redneck mentality, but out of the ashes comes a duo who present an attractive style of oddball nu-disco called, Jensen Sportag. If Von Spar, Lansing Dreiden or Phoenix (United LP era) are your thing, – more

Major Lazer is back with ‘Original Don’

October 13, 2011 in Features

Major Lazer are back and trying to top their excellent debut album Guns Don’t Kill People… Lazers Do, and after teasing us with this track for a few months now we’ve finally got the entire thing to take in. At the moment ‘Original Don’ might not end up on the final tracklisting of their new – more

Strange Forces’ Trance Formation Mix

November 15, 2011 in Features

Australian space-dwellers Strange Forces just finished a small tour supporting Scottish post-droners Mogwai (read a tour report soon on electronicbeats.net). After releasing their first EP earlier this year, they’re now about to finish the recording of their debut album. The sound of the three-piece is a hazy, spaced-out post-psyche glare that shifts between dimensions and – more

Boyfriend & Zebra Katz: W8WTF (Brenmar Remix)

March 14, 2012 in Features

Waking up to find a new Brenmar remix is definitely up there on our list of favorite morning surprises (the other ones are illegal to talk about here.) When that remix also involves our long-running obsession Zebra Katz…..well. Bill Salas has taken the fellow Brooklynite’s ‘W8WWTF’ (off his collaborative Winter Titty EP with Lithuanian producer – more