Alva Noto

“There was this term in the 80s which I like, ‘ingenious amateurs’. That with a certain kind of dilettantism and ignorance, you are less soared to touch things and to do stuff. (…) I think it’s very important to use something in the wrong or radical way.”

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EB Listening: Robert Hood – Motor: Nighttime World 3

August 29, 2012 in EB Listening by Moritz Gayard
robert hood

Fans of Detroit electronics should need no introduction to Robert Hood. As one of the pioneers of minimal techno, he’s one of those musicians who never drop off our radar. Now, with the imminent release of volume three of his legendary Nighttime World series that he began in 1995, techheads everywhere are salivating in anticipation. – more

Boot camp for disco takes place in London

October 21, 2009 in Features by EB Team

Little Boots has put together a kind of boot camp for disco lovers in London. In collaboration with Bugged Out, Boots Camp will take place on November 14th, synthesising the best from the current crop of disco revival artists. Little Boots has never shied away from the ‘80s retro revival, featuring heavy dollops of disco – more

In step with Tony Lionni

June 8, 2009 in Features by EB Team

DJ and Producer Tony Lionni (37) was born in Liverpool, grew up in Manchester and after six years of living in Spain, now lives in Berlin. His old school house track “Found A Place” is lighting up dancefloors in European clubs and edging to the top of the Groove charts. You’ve only lived in Berlin – more

Get lost in music at & win tickets to Reeperbahn Festival

September 8, 2011 in Features by EB Team

Hamburg, you better get ready: not long to go until this year’s edition of Reeperbahn Festival – the Hanseatic way of clubbing. Taking place in several venues around Hamburg’s infamous Reeperbahn, you’ll see over 200 up-and-coming bands and djs from all over the world – it’s like a German approach to the SXSW festival programme. – more