Alva Noto

“There was this term in the 80s which I like, ‘ingenious amateurs’. That with a certain kind of dilettantism and ignorance, you are less soared to touch things and to do stuff. (…) I think it’s very important to use something in the wrong or radical way.”

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The Black Dog run amok in airport

February 17, 2010 in Features by EB Team

Concepts albums are making a comeback. Techno group The Black Dog have announced details of a new album and multimedia art project titled Music for Real Airports. Created as a contemporary response to ambient maestro Brian Eno’s Music for Airports, members of The Black Dog felt it was necessary to revisit the concept in order – more

Björk’s Biophilia gets even more re-mixers

March 7, 2012 in Features by EB Team

We are not cynical (much) but this is milking it a little bit we think. Bjork is to release an eight part remix series of her latest, multi-dimensional album Biophilia. Feature a huge number of artists that includes Hudson Mohawke, Death Grips, Alva Noto, King Cannibal, Current Value, These New Puritans, Matthew Herbert, 16 Bit – more

MY MUSIC MOMENT – Errorsmith

October 6, 2008 in Features by EB Team

A music obsessive to the core, Erik Wiegand is maybe an inconspicuous presence in the vastness of the Berlin electronic scene, but his productions, whether in collaborative projects like MMM, Smith n Hack or under the moniker Errorsmith (his solo project), are anything but low profile. For this issue of My Music Moment, Erik remembers – more