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“We’re living in interesting times at the moment because it is a challenge for music right now. One thinks everthing has been there already, but that is never the case. You have to look carefully. At any moment something different can be totally sought after, and something else can be out.”

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James Ferraro is B E B E T U N E $

November 29, 2011 in Features by Moritz Gayard

While James Ferraro’s new album Far Side Virtual was an ode to living in the digital age where the “streets are as slick as i-Pads” his latest brainchild is called B E B E T U N E $. And as our pals over at Hippos In Tanks told us, very soon there will be – more

Andreas Dorau Video Premiere – Stimmen in der Nacht

June 10, 2011 in Features by EB Team

Infamous German electro-pop hero Andreas Dorau strikes back with his tenth studio album this summer. The LP is titled Todesmelodien and features collaborations with Inga Humpe, Carsten “Erobique” Meyer and Francoise Catus of Stereo Total. A guitar player since childhood, Dorau was barely in his teens when he released his debut single, ‘The Laughing Pope’. – more

Kap Bambino releases video for new single

July 4, 2011 in Features by EB Team

The French electropunk group Kap Bambino have been promising a new single for July 4th, and they’ve delivered with ‘Obsess’. No surprises, just catchy, bleepy electronics with frontwoman Caroline Martial’s trademark vocal yelps on top. Most of the links have been yanked off youtube, so suffer through the annoying ad to get to the video, – more