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“We’re living in interesting times at the moment because it is a challenge for music right now. One thinks everthing has been there already, but that is never the case. You have to look carefully. At any moment something different can be totally sought after, and something else can be out.”

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Eastern Haze: June

June 28, 2012 in Eastern Haze

Like a Phoenix that rose from the ashes, Jakub Wojciechowski decided to abandon his former musical context and embrace a lighter aural sonisphere. Having cut his teeth in the Polish witchhouse scene (as well as on the label Cowshed Records), Wojciechowski went on to develop his sound into brighter, house-driven compositions under his nom de – more

Key Lime Pie’s totally tropical taste

July 19, 2011 in Features

Yesterday saw the launch of brand new London-based design collective Key Lime Pie’s first official range of bespoke garments, handmade with love. Co-founders Roya Fraser and Esther Lawrence successfully manage to fuse a myriad of different influences to form an utterly unique blend of explosive, bold patterns that have a gentler, more sensuous side to – more

Fast Food 6

September 15, 2012 in Fast Food
Electronic Beats - Fast Food 6

Fast Food is a new, regular feature on EB.net by Thomas Schoenberger and Max Dax. Every Saturday you can read a new piece of a sophisticated ongoing conversation about cooking, traditions and how to read the menu of any given restaurant. It is a discussion about disappearing spaces and why so many chefs listen to Miles Davis’ so-called ‘electric period’ after – more

Blk. Adonis collabs with Rizzla

September 15, 2011 in Features

DJ and producer Justin Cameron has only been making tunes under his Blk. Adonis alias for a short time, but he’s already crafted some of our favorite dark club tracks. Now he’s teamed up with GHE20 G0TH1K ruffrider Rizzla for a collaborative EP, set to be released by Fade To Mind. Check out a few – more