I mean gone” – Max Dax and A.J. Samuels Talk to Jason Pierce

November 22, 2012 in Interviews

If consistency is the hobgoblin of human minds, we can all be thankful that Jason Pierce is from outer space. The Spiritualized architect and founding member of Spacemen 3 has regularly cheated death over the past decade, most recently fighting his way through chemotherapy to concoct what’s rumored to be Spiritualized’s final album. – more

Indians made acid house

March 30, 2010 in Features

Saved from obscurity, Charanjit Sigh’s Synthesizing – Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat is an absolute jaw dropper. Recorded in the early 80’s these selected works are being touted as the first ever acid house tracks. Discovered in one the least likely of places, India, rumors of the album have existed for years but with – more

Otto von Schirach: the mutant behind the music

August 1, 2012 in Features
Otto Von Schirach Electronic Beats

If we had to choose a cultural hero to answer our life questions, we’d probably choose Otto von Schirach. In fact, we did just that, in this article you’re reading, right now. Good for you! The Florida freakazoids long-awaited new LP Supermeng recently dropped on Monkeytown, and has been rattling the underground airwaves with its – more