Egyptian Lover

“My influence of music goes way back in the early ’80s. Kraftwerk definitely, a lot of Prince, a lot of Funk, Soul, R&B from back in the early ’80s and mixing all that together with the Kraftwerk beat. The ‘Numbers’ beat is really what turned me on to Electronic Music.”

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We Could Be Heroes: Lola Olafisoye on Fela Kuti

September 27, 2007 in Features by EB Team

Lola Olafisoye is the steamy front person of UK Punk/Funksters Spektrum. Their new remix album Death of the Gymkhana Club is out this October on Stop/Start Records. “Fela Kuti’s music was always around my house in south London when I was growing up. My family are from Nigeria, so my dad had loads of his – more

Friday Mixtape – Death Grip

April 29, 2011 in Features by EB Team

Let’s get straight to the point (as it’s a sunny Friday again). We have for you today a frankly awesome mix-tape by Death Grip called Ex-Military. Rumored to involve legendary underground drummer Zach Hill, you can stream or D/L the mix using the embedded Soundcloud player below. It’s an intense, slightly unsetttling, but nonetheless enjoyable – more

Interview: FM Einheit

November 4, 2011 in Interviews by Moritz Gayard

FM Einheit is probably best known as a founder of the group Einstürzende Neubauten. Over the years, with Neubauten and through other projects, Einheit has pushed the envelope of contemporary music, mixing electronics with found sounds, power tools, and archival samples. This summer he came up with International Moods – a new collaborative project with – more