Interview: Yelle

October 14, 2011 in Interviews by Moritz Gayard

French dance-pop trio Yelle are still riding high following the tremendous global success of their sophomore album, Safari Disco Club (V2/Cooperative Music), as well as numerous sold out shows around the world. Yelle, (Julie Budet), comes from France and originally were going to be called YEL, ‘You Enjoy Life’, but in an ironic twist, a – more

Interview: Morgan – Boys, Bikes and Sand in the Shoe

April 17, 2007 in Interviews by EB Team

‘We’re not a ‘DJ with singer’ – we’re a band!’, says Anna Luca. And they sure are. ‘electronic beats’ had the pleasure to meet them in a Berlin café on their day off after a gig. Once the vocalist Anna Luca and Benni Pollach got to know each other, they started to develop songs together. – more