DJ Koze sucked into The Big Crunch Theory

March 3, 2010 in Features by EB Team

Just what is the Big Crunch theory? Science tells us that it’s the never-ending expansion-reversal of the universe, ultimately resulting in a doomsday scenario, the end of the world. But then, it’s also the new partnership between Versatile artist Lisa Li-Lund and label boss DJ Gilb-R aka Gilbert Cohen. A serious French love-in, the collaboration – more

Bogner’s TV Guide No. 2

April 19, 2012 in Columns by David Bogner

Maybe you already got the idea last week: my column is going be about TV shows. Obviously I love sitting in front of the computer or TV for hours or sometimes even for days, while characters evolve, stories gain momentum and I get sucked deeper and deeper into a fictional world. But hey (and this – more


December 16, 2007 in Features by EB Team

Small people talk about other people, medium big people talk about stuff that happened, big people talk about ideas and ambitions. Never trust a politician and don’t believe the news. Remember Bush’s invasion of Iraq for so-called weapons of mass destruction…it was all about petrol control, although I guess you could say petrol is a – more