10 x 4 – Flume

August 26, 2011 in Interviews

Flume is not even in his twenties but very soon, we reckon this young Australian is going making waves with his half-stepping beats and nagging melodies. R&B dragged through the digital dimension, and spat out at the after-party his music is a heady brew of nostalgic hooks and futuristic arrangements. With his first release -the – more

We Could Be Heroes: Trickski on Freddie Mercury

October 19, 2007 in Features

DJ tag team Yannick Labbe and Daniel Becker aka Trickski have been lighting up dance floors across Berlin, London and pretty much anywhere else you care to mention in Europe over the last 10 years. The hectic house lovers have also had a number of well recieved releases over this time, with their 12 inches – more


June 17, 2011 in Features

We here at the EB office are in a kind of comfortable position: writing articles for our great website, scanning the internet for news and fresh content for your reading, listening and viewing pleasures as well as hanging around on Facebook and Twitter – since these are the real news sources of our time, right?! – more