Electronic Beats Festival Austria – first look

August 11, 2011 in Features by EB Team

The first acts for our Electronic Beats Festival in Vienna have just been announced. Taking place at the Vienna Arena in October, we are pleased to welcome for the first time to an Electronic Beats event The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble, who are breathing life into club music with their unique live techno show. They – more

Squarepusher returns with new album & live show ‘Ufabulum’

February 23, 2012 in Video by EB Team

New Squarepusher? New Squarepusher! As Warp Records just announced, Tom Jenkinson has set up the new album and live show Ufabulum, to be released on 14th May 2012. There’s not too much information out yet, but a short video hints towards an at least visual feast: Squarepusher sporting a LED helmet in front of a – more