April 12, 2006 in Features by EB Team

In New York, a band called 33hz are blowing a wind of change through what is typically expected of male bands comprising of singers, guitarists, a keyboard player and a drummer. The most shockingly different thing about 33hz is that they make music whose main influences are pop and disco. Back in the 70′s, before – more

Interview: Anklepants

July 13, 2012 in Interviews by Michael Aniser

The first time I saw Anklepants play live, I didn’t really know what to expect. My friend dane//close had invited me to a party at Berlin’s Sameheads art-bar to experience a ‘true dickhead’ playing a totally weird set. I thought someone might tear down the DJ booth or beat up the audience, taking the word – more

Slices column: New Faces

July 3, 2012 in Features by EB Team

See that hottie up there? That’s Mooryc, the first star of our latest Slices column New Faces. The DVD magazine will now also feature a segment on emerging artists that the Slices crew find interesting. With a wide range of fascinating new artists emerging everyday, there’s plenty of new faces waiting to get Sliced! Get – more