San Soda – Renaissance Man

January 25, 2011 in Features

Fans of house music must be really enjoying themselves at the moment don’t you think? Amidst the current 4×4 renaissance, the music has arguably never been more popular. Of course, the old-skool house heads will completely disagree with this and will be shouting that of course, “house music never went away” and that they, “were – more

Floex on Slavic mythology, dreams and music

October 14, 2011 in Interviews

It would be fair to say that Tomáš Dvo?ák, aka Floex, is one of a doyens of the Czech electronic scene. He started playing and composing 15 years ago combining his love for music with an affinity for visual arts and multimedia performance. A graduate of the Academy of Arts in Prague, Tomáš Dvo?ák has – more

2011 in Darkness

December 28, 2011 in Features

I’m so sick of hearing and reading the word ‘dark’. I truly wish we’d come up with something new to describe this sort of music without using equally annoying words like grave, witch or (a sure sign of CRAP AHOY!) the dreaded nu. ‘Goth-without-goth’ is too clumsy; ‘advanced goth’ maybe, but that’s a label with – more