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Berlin-based artist Moritz Friedrich is a man with many faces. While he’s made himself a name as a producer on labels such as Exploited Records and Monkeytown under his moniker Siriusmo, Friedrich also works as a visual artist. Whether it’s paintings, graffitis, or broken beats and techno, Siriusmo knows how to treat different canvases.

In Winter 2011, Electronic Beats Slices met up with him at his studio to talk art, music, and self-discipline. “The finishing process is really hard for me”, he said. “The goal is the record. But you have to be very disciplined, and that’s just not me.”

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Rookie Sessions at 4010 store

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First 4010 Store opens In Berlin with Digital Music Week and new the Rookie Sessions. The beginning of October sees Telekom’s launch of their first and only store in Berlin especially designed for the younger, urban crowd. We can’t reveal too much, but the shop will showcase the latest within the mobile music and digital – more

Ellen Allien mixes for Watergate

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BPitch owner, producer and popular DJ, Ellen Allien will be heading up a new mix installment for the spree-based Berlin club Watergate. The mix CD which will come in at number “05” will take on varied dance notaries such as John Tejada, Luciano, Matias Aguayo and Röyksopp amongst a few of her own label mates, – more

Aphex Twin to drop six albums?

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Never one to shy away from the unconventional, glitch-beat maetro Aphex Twin has told fashion magazine Another Man that he has six albums worth of material ready for release. The current issue that sports a very worn-out looking Keith Richards on the cover unveils that Aphex has been brooding on the underground with a stash – more