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What started out as a student project in 1997 quickly transformed into one of the leading producers of electronic musical instruments. Gothenburg-based synthesizer company Elektron builds music machine that “are designed to shorten the distance between man and machine”, as Elektrons Daniel Troberg explains in during our Slices DVD Magazine “Tech Talk” interview.
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EB Video Premier: Christian Löffler – Feelharmonia

May 2, 2012 in Features by EB Team

Though the color palette for Christian Löffler‘s new video for ‘Feelharmonia’ is predominately blue, the song itself is anything but cold. Taken from his upcoming debut A Forest, the track interweaves the sultry, ethereal vocals of Danish musician Gry Noehr Bagøien with clacking wooden percussion and a chugging, muted beat that absorbs into the skin – more

JR – Wall to wall

December 16, 2007 in Features by EB Team

At checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, soldiers used to stop cars at gunpoint before they entered the American sector. In this area, which has now become a place for tourists to buy cheap Soviet-memorabilia on their way to the Berlin Wall museum, a young French artist is making a bold statement of giant scale against artificial – more

Audioccult Vol. 26: Ren-Trap Shit

October 15, 2012 in Audioccult by Daniel Jones
Electronic Beats - Audioccult Vol. 26: Ren Trap

Trap music and Renaissance art in the same setting might make art (or, possibly, music) purists yell ‘Suffering saviors!’ in a funny Sylvester the cat voice, but from EB editor Daniel’s perspective, it’s a perfect fit. – more

Kalabrese @ East Village, London

March 3, 2009 in Features by EB Team

Sascha Winkler aka Kalabrese is a producer from Zurich, famous for his organic tracks and remixes somewhere between minimal, house, hip hop and funk. In addition to releases on labels like Stattmusik, Perlon or Sonar Kollektiv, his sets at Dachkantine were legendary and the Dosci nights on Thursday at Zukunft, he hosts together with Lexx, – more