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What started out as a student project in 1997 quickly transformed into one of the leading producers of electronic musical instruments. Gothenburg-based synthesizer company Elektron builds music machine that “are designed to shorten the distance between man and machine”, as Elektrons Daniel Troberg explains in during our Slices DVD Magazine “Tech Talk” interview.
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Diamond Black Hearted Boy gives away new album

August 8, 2011 in Features by Daniel Jones

We’ve never known quite what to make of Diamond Black Hearted Boy. A sick mixture of raw hip-hop and noise combined with touches of lo-fi rave make for some of the most polarizing music we’ve ever heard. His latest digital EP ‘e’ is some of the harshest material he’s released, and even includes a remix – more

Kenny Glasgow – Interview

May 27, 2009 in Interviews by EB Team

Although he has been producing music for over 20 years, it is with his debut album, “Taste For The Low Life”, that Kenny Glasgow shows his calling card to a wider audience. With such lush sounds and sparkling production, it’s hard to believe that this is his first full-length release. Can you tell me a – more

Adventures at Springfestival

April 11, 2012 in Features by EB Team

Since I came to Vienna ten years ago and got into electronic music shortly thereafter, I also got into the habit of visiting the Springfestival on a regular basis. For twelve years now, the Springfestival has established itself as probably the most important festival for electronic music in Austria (and certainly the most likeable). It – more

EB Listening: The White Lamp – Make It Good (Phon.o Remix)

February 18, 2013 in EB Listening by Moritz Gayard
the white lamp - elctronic beats

This remix has already made the rounds throughout our beloved clubs, providing incontestable proof that Carsten Aermes aka Phon.o is the go-to-guy when it comes to remixes. Here he’s reworked The White Lamp’s infectious new disco single, “Make It Good”, released this week via the ever inspiring Sonar Kollektiv imprint, also home to the likes – more