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What started out as a student project in 1997 quickly transformed into one of the leading producers of electronic musical instruments. Gothenburg-based synthesizer company Elektron builds music machine that “are designed to shorten the distance between man and machine”, as Elektrons Daniel Troberg explains in during our Slices DVD Magazine “Tech Talk” interview.
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Electronic Beats Festival 2012: Gdansk Video Impressions

April 29, 2012 in 2012, Video by Max Dax

As reported, our EB Festival in Gdansk just closed its door some hours ago. Since then, we finished touching up the first video impressions from last night. Enjoy some glimpses of beauty in the video below, and check back to electronicbeats.net in the next few days to see exclusive footage, taken yesterday by our SLICES-Crew – more

Duran Duran – Simon Le Bon Interview

January 25, 2012 in Interviews by EB Team

This Interview originally appeared in the Electronic Beats Magazine, Spring 2011. Mr. Le Bon, »All You Need Is Now« is the first single off of what’s supposed to become Duran Duran’s comeback album. The song offers a lot of Andy Warhol, at least in the corresponding video clip. You mean the silver paper on the – more

Eastern Haze: July

July 27, 2012 in Eastern Haze by Lucia Udvardyova

We shall commence our monthly explorations of Eastern beats, bass and other sonic ephemera from the fringes of the musical spectrum with the aptly-titled RSS Boys, a perfect nerdy evocation of sizzling summer settings. Taking cues from afro-beat, the members of the project claim they met while travelling in Africa. Brushing off tired house, their – more