Richard Bartz

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“My approach to working, my attitude, have always seperated me a little bit from the scene, it’s just a very personal thing.”, says german producer Richard Bartz. What exactly this personal take on production means reveals this Tech Talk Slices feature! Bartz is also running the label Kurbel Records and is deemed to be one of the founders of a sound that became known as Munich Techno. Watch more Slices features on our Youtube Channel. Order the DVD online:

Sustain and Decay: An interview with Emptyset

November 4, 2013 in Interviews

The British duo release their third LP of spacious electronic attack and decay, fully joining the Raster-Noton roster for a meeting of like-minds at the label showcase at Berghain in Berlin on November 8th. Angus Finlayson investigates. – more

Long lost McCartney balearic gems gets released

March 30, 2011 in Features

For all those who don’t know who Paul McCartney is, he’s some guy who used to play in a band called The Beatles, small little rock n’ roll band. In his spare time post-The Beatles he experimented with the early formations of Balearic dance music, not many people are aware of this as it wasn’t – more

The Weeknd’s Balloon trilogy is complete

December 22, 2011 in Features

2011 was a sensational year for The Weeknd. After releasing two of the year’s best mixtapes with House Of Balloons and Thursday, Abel Tesfaye now brings us EchoesOfSilence. The final nine track album in the Balloon trilogy opens with a cover of the Michael Jackson classic ‘Dirty Diana’ and includes a Clams Casino production (The – more