Richard Bartz

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“My approach to working, my attitude, have always seperated me a little bit from the scene, it’s just a very personal thing.”, says german producer Richard Bartz. What exactly this personal take on production means reveals this Tech Talk Slices feature! Bartz is also running the label Kurbel Records and is deemed to be one of the founders of a sound that became known as Munich Techno. Watch more Slices features on our Youtube Channel. Order the DVD online:

Monika Kruse – Interview

August 27, 2008 in Interviews

Monika Kruse, is one of Germanys biggest DJ’s, playing a mix of high-energy techno and house to clubbers all over the world. From humble beginnings, DJ’ing in a local bar, she soon made the step to organising her own raves, everywhere from abandoned bunkers, to not quite abandoned military bases. Her profile as a DJ – more

Why Delphic fired Chemical Brothers?

June 25, 2010 in Features

In a full-length interview with ITM, Manchester three piece Delphic recently confessed to the unpleasant task of eliminating the Chemical Brothers from production duties. Singer/bassist James Cook explained that the Chemical Brothers were originally on the top of their list of people to work with for their debut album Acolyte, but things hadn’t turned out – more

Neon Neon – Interview

April 5, 2008 in Interviews

Albums with a concept are risky affair, especially in the context of Pop, and even more so when the subject is cocaine smuggling auto baron of the 80’s, John DeLorean. On the surface this makes it all the more surprising, but dig a little deeper and you find that unlikely pairing of Super Furry Animals – more

We Could be Heroes: Fetisch on Westbam

October 19, 2007 in Features

He is a DJ an music producer, known simply as Fetisch. He runs the record label Terranova Recordings and is also one part of Lottergirls with Baxter Wilderbeast and Princess Superstar. Fetisch has his own unique way of looking at the world around him and the electronic music industry within which he operates. There is – more